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With the high levels of finishes the Golf Box it meets the specifications of the customer looking for the ultimate Golfing experience using the GC2 . The shell is extremely energy efficient and quick to erect, it has excellent sound proofing and is fully equipped with the most up to date technology, fully integrated for alternative uses such as a cinema room or gaming and also provides the most accurate golf simulator on the market. From £67,000 this 4.2 x 5.3 m structure is delivered and fully installed and finished by our experienced team, with the smallest details and performance criteria included. The space for 6 players with a seating area to relax, creates an ideal facility for several players to meet, practise and enjoy the game. It also delivers an all weather option, heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, ideal for larger gardens, for Golf Courses as well as the leisure industry, providing extra facilities with added revenue coming off rental by the hour – data indicates that these sort of facilities currently produce an excellent return on expenditure and provide a real point of difference to their Course / facilities!


Read the review and learn more about the exciting link up of Foresight Sports with Building with Frames and the detail of this innovative new venture and see what our Golf Box can deliver to every golf enthusiast.


Download this stunning PDF for interior layout and detail of what’s included in our Golf Box.The ultimate golf suite!

The Smart Game Changer

The GC2 offers a selection of software applications from fitting and training solutions t o immersive game play and network competitions.
Ten years in the making – the dependable revolutionary tracking solution is available for private use, any weather, any time, from any surface. Golf technology using stereoscopic tracking provides accuracy and ease with no triggers or marked balls, no cables, computer or calibrations and no waiting! A patented on screen ball placement guide is ready when you are and provides immediate unparalleled precision feedback of measured launch angles, speed and spin. The on board LCD backlit panel clearly displays all launch values with audio speaker feedback and with added USB and Bluetooth output enabling data to stream into customised applications and smart devices.

SIPS Deliver
  • A fast and effective on site build method
  • Structural strength
  • Expected life exceeding 60 years
  • High performance U values
  • Low maintenance
  • Acoustic performance
  • BBA certified system
  • Consistent thermal performance
Golf Simulator Offers…
  • Privacy and convenience.
  • Year round playing.
  • Best golf courses in the world.
  • Feedback and detail on your technical game.
Golf Garden Box
Golf Course Box
Golf Resort Box

Practise in the privacy of your own garden and improve your technique.

Extend your business on an existing Golf course or driving range.

Add an extra activity on a holiday park or leisure complex.

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