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Building with Frames has a strong solid background in the construction of pre-engineered timber houses. The materials, methods, skills, professionalism and attention to detail supplied in our Boxes are the same high standard as properties built by our main construction division, which is why we are proud to deliver these garden rooms as an affiliated product.

Each structure is designed for style and functionality, pre fabricated with enhanced energy performing structural insulated panels SIPS, designed with fire risks in mind, has a cavity and rainscreen cladding along with thermally efficient alu-clad windows and doors providing comfort and security. The Boxes will also come with an electrical kit & brushed chrome sockets and lighting. These levels of quality, design and finish make our Boxes a product that can achieve building regulation approval for use as an extension or residential occupancy and as a structure not exceeding 2.5 metres high, planning permission will not be required in many situations.

Built as well as our houses and combining aspirational design with quality, our Boxes provide stand alone contemporary structures offering bespoke lifestyle solutions. Using Hemsec SIPS (structurally insulated panel system) the outer shell is highly insulated, has excellent structural strength and good acoustic performance. Combined with the high performance range of Rationel doors and windows the Box can achieve building regulation standards creating a secure, warm, light, open plan, inspirational living space.

  • Contemporary shapes
  • Directional designs
  • Quality builds
  • Thermal and energy efficiency spaces
  • Inspired solutions
  • Personal space

The outer shells of our garden boxes are constructed using pre fabricated Hemsec SIPS (structurally insulated panel system). First used in the 1930’s in the USA to keep the heat out they are fast becoming a popular construction method due to speed of erection on site, strength of build and the added benefits of outstanding airtightness and energy efficiency. They offer an ideal material to create your extra outdoor space, which will out perform and outlive many of the alternatives you may have considered. Truly a long term investment. Our main Building with Frames web site offers you further information on SIPS.

Windows and Doors

With a wide selection of styles and colours, the Rationel windows and doors supplied as part of our Boxes offer a contemporary look with excellent thermal performance. With colours and designs to suit almost any build style they combine exceptionally well with the SIPS shell, creating a highly insulated room, with trickle vents allowing air movement and secure locking for added peace of mind. Details of their range can be seen on their web site or call us for further information.
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