Family Time…

The frustrations of a growing family with demands on space is all too familiar. From little ones play space through to teenage gadget driven lifestyles our Boxes can give your family somewhere to enjoy their time. Safe warm and secure our Boxes can simply be space for toys and “kids stuff” or fully equipped cool gaming rooms complete with all the technology they just can’t live without, maybe a cinema room for all the family to indulge in their favourite movies together. The Boxes will come with an electrical kit & brushed chrome sockets and lighting.

  • Movie Box
  • Gaming Box
  • Music Box
  • Play Box
Combi Box
A place to be entertained…

Complete with all the latest technology and comfy seating we can create dedicated space for gamers and movie fans. Why not combine the two ideas and install seating that converts to double up as extra sleepover space.

Sleepover Box
A space to sound great…

Piano practise to potential lead guitarist. A Box constructed of acoustically efficient SIPS panels provides dedicated space for every musician young and old. Create somewhere to concentrate and avoid distractions or simply take the noise of band practise away from the home and to the end of the garden…bliss.

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